A Balanced Diet

The word diet has a negative connotation. I have done the extreme calorie counting and dieting is equivocal to no fun at all. In college it is especially hard to keep track of what I am eating and it is easy to lose sight of my long term fitness goals when the cafeteria meal plan includes an endless supply of frozen yogurt…

The most helpful tip I ever heard is: Being healthy is a lifestyle. Dieting and restricting caloric intake is not the goal in a fitness journey. The goal is to fuel your body to be efficient and build muscle, but it is okay to let loose very once in a while. I like to use this app on my phone to keep track of what I am eating on a day to day basis, but I do not stress if I forget to track something or if my calories are a little over or under. If you don’t like to use your phone as often as I do, I am also a big fan of keeping track of everything in a cute notebook such as this one.


The best way to eat healthy is to eat good food, and once again this may be a little more difficult on a college dining plan, but it is not impossible. I always try to have a source of protein, a carbohydrate, and then load up the rest of my plate with fresh veggies. It may be tough to walk away from the pizza and hamburgers, but if you allow yourself to eat them every once in a while (once or twice a week), you will find that you don’t crave the salty fatty, foods as much anymore. I have a huge sugar tooth, so my favorite “cheat” is dried fruit such as this that can be found at almost any grocery store or gas station near campus.


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