Why Weight Training?

Why should women lift weights? I asked myself that question many times before I actually picked up my first dumbbell. Why the hesitation? I didn’t want to look like a man. Before I began to weight train on a regular basis, I was under the false impression that lifting would make me big and manly and most young women, including myself, work out with the goal of becoming smaller and more feminine. However, I could not have been more wrong.


Weight training is empowering and effective and it takes a lot more than visiting the gym five times a week to create the muscles of a bodybuilder. Lifting weights with the proper nutrition creates lean muscle that tones the body and makes the overall functions of the body more efficient, and in actuality, even more feminine. I am not an expert, but I have found this website to be an excellent tool in learning more about the science of what happens to a woman’s body when she lifts and why weight training really is an essential part of any workout routine.

Also, this blog is a great source of motivation to get you started!



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